Giro d'Italia: real-time infographic


Giro d’Italia: real-time infographic




Real-Time Infographic


Physical (Big Screen)


Client Enel wants to innovate sponsored hospitality area at the village set up during the various stages of the Giro d’Italia 2016. The aim is to narrate the Giro with innovative and real-time contents to fill big screen set up by the brand during the most important cycling race in Italy.


To achieve Enel goal, Datalytics decides to create an infographic that shows in real time the main social content about Giro d’Italia. The ranking of the Top Cyclists assigns for each stage the Enel-sponsored #SocialJersey based on the number of mentions obtained by each competing athlete. The Social Wall collects photos and videos shared by users with #Giro, while the Popular Topic widget shows the most common topics (hashtags, mentions, words) on social media during the Giro d’Italia.