Accenture #60H: Social Wall


Accenture 60H: Social Wall




Social Wall


Physical (Maxi-schermi)


The customer Accenture wants to celebrate its first 60 years of activity and for the occasion launches a tour of events located in Milan, Naples, Rome and Cagliari. The Italian division of the US multinational consulting and technological services to celebrate its anniversary at the best wants to involve all employees and collaborators at the same time. The goal is to project content on maxi-screens products and shared by the participants with official hashtag.


To reach the goal of Accenture, Datalytics creates a special Social Wall to broadcast in real time photos and videos shared by all the participants with the official hashtag of the # 6OH event. The contents collected on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are represented in real time on the maxi-screens located in the SNAI Hippodrome area in Milan. The activity generates hundreds of contents and over 100k unique users reached on social networks.